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Q&A with Teacher Kezia | Heading Back to School

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Many worried parents have sent their kids back to school to a new school- year filled with Covid-rules that may be challenging to remember for little rascals. There’s a lot to consider and we spoke to  Kezia who is a teacher in Vancouver to get some great suggestions on how to help little rascals prepare and stay safe attending school during covid times. 
Here's what she had to say about her classroom and best practices!
Keeping paws clean
I have been trying to teach the kids about how I manage my hygiene through body awareness. Instead of just saying “ go wash your hands” i will say “ i know we just washed our hands half an hour ago but i am holding on to the hand railing as I am going down the stairs so I need to remember to wash or sanitize my hands before I eat my lunch or touch my face” I think it we can model our own inner dialogue they will have a better understanding of how to manage their own personal hygiene.
Keeping the mask clean
Wash those masks after every day! I have collected enough masks for every school day and wear a new one every day. I promise your kids, if they have chosen to wear masks at any point through the day are taking them on and off,  balling them up, leaving them to sit open on desks or chairs or books. Clean. Those. Masks!
On that topic, discuss with your child a place where they can store their mask when they aren't wearing it. This will help cut down any germs its picking up along the way as well as hopefully prevent it from getting lost. I am wearing a small hip pack in school and keeping it there, that way it is with me at all times.
Keeping clean during lunch

I keep an extra bottle of hand sanitizer in my lunch kit, sometimes I will bring my lunch outside to eat,  this way I can do one extra clean before I start eating. 

I have been packing all my own cutlery and trying to limit finger foods. as an example: Instead of eating my apple or pear  whole,  I cut it in the morning and use a fork!

Thank you so much Keiza! 💛

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Kezia is a teacher with the Vancouver School District. 

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