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Meet the Rascals

Rascal Remedies was created to educate children about the power of nature, using fun, modern characters that strum children’s heartstrings and minds. By getting to know The Rascals, we hope to spark imaginations — and an interest in natural wellness and plant-based products.


Every Rascal has a special story. They also have their own powerful blend of essential oils, allowing them to soothe common ailments.  

Learn about each Rascal’s personality and powers as we create special stories for children to share and enjoy, all while learning about the power of nature!

Rascal |  Dharma Dreamz

Natural Power |  Making Rascals ready for bedtime and sweet dreams

Favourite Hobby |  Daydreaming

Favourite Colour |  Purple

Favourite Essential Oil |  Mandarin

Learn More about Dharma Dreamz

Rascal |  Finn Focus

Natural Power |  Calming fidgets and soothing busy minds

Favourite Hobby |  Solving math problems

Favourite Colour |  Dark Blue

Favourite Essential Oil |  Peppermint

Learn More about Finn Focus

Rascal |  Genie Germz

Natural Power |  Keeping germs away

Star Ingredient |  Banana bark extract, because it helps clean up icky spots

Favourite Hobby |  Making a mess 

Favourite Colour |  Slime Green

Favourite Scent |  Rootbeer, of course

Learn More about Genie Germz

Rascal |  Iggy Itchy

Natural Power |  Nurturing dry spots and soothing pesky skin itchies

Favourite Hobby |  Hiking

Favourite Colour |  Sunny Orange

Favourite Essential Oil |  Chamomile

Learn More about Iggy Itchy

Rascal |  Spike Sniffles

Natural Power |  Soothing stuffy noses, tickly sneezes and ah-choos

Favourite Hobby |  Playing outside

Favourite Colour |  Mountain-sky Blue

Favourite Essential Oil |  Eucalyptus

Learn More about Spike Sniffles

Rascal |  Tilly Tummy

Natural Power |  Calming tummy woozies, rumbles and ballooning

Favourite Hobby |  Baking cookies

Favourite Colour |  Icing-sugar Pink

Favourite Essential Oil |  Ginger

Learn More about Tilly Tummy

Rascal |  Sofia Snooze

Natural Power | Calming and relaxing busy bodies and minds 

Profession | Potion maker

Favourite hobby | Counting sheep

Favourite colour | Forest green

Favourite scent | Lavender

Learn More about Sofia Snooze

You may think that you know all the countries in the world, but we bet there’s at least one that you’ve never heard of before. That’s because somewhere, along the West coast of Canada, is a tiny island called Rascalonia. Simply said, this island is the perfect place to create natural remedies for rascals all around the world.