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Sweet Dreams

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Being allergic to bedtime seems to be a common challenge in many Rascal households. Symptoms like acute thirstiness, itchiness, hunger, a frequent urge to go to the bathroom and/or large monster invasions in closets makes it nearly impossible to fall asleep. However, combining soothing essential oils with calming Rascalonia bedtime rituals may drastically improve any common allergic reactions associated with going to bed.

Sofia Snooze roll-on and Dharma Dreamz mist are remedies created to make any Rascal bedtime easier using powerful essential oils to help calm busy minds, reduce anxiety and improving sleep quality. Mist Dharma Dreamz on pillows, pyjamas and/or apply Sofia Snooze roll-on to the bottom of feet, behind ears and neck to help provide a calming bedtime ritual and sweeter dreams.

Rascalonia Bedtime Tips

  1. Make Time. Set aside at least 15 minutes to just spend time chatting in bed. It’s a great opportunity for Rascals to open up about any worries, thoughts or questions. 
  2. Be Grateful. Take turns listing at least 5 things that you are grateful for.
  3. Breathe. Breathing is a great way to rid Rascal bodies of sillies (sillies appear when you feel like being silly and your body can’t be still), worries, anger or too much excitement. Breathe in, counting to 6 and thinking of all your favourite things that makes you happy (being on the beach, playing with friends, eating ice cream etc). Breathe out, counting to 6, breathing out any worries or unhappy thoughts. Repeat at least 5 times. Lay your hand on your stomach to feel the air moving in and out.
  4. Say Thank You! Get your rascals to lay on their back and breathe in and out from the belly, then say thank for every part of the body starting with the bottom of the feet and move all the way up to the hair. If your rascals already know the names of the body parts, they can also say in their head. “Thank you for my feet that allows me to walk, thank you for my legs that holds the rest of my body, thank you for my stomach that digest my food etc.). It’s a great way to learn the name of all the body parts and get really sleepy while doing so.


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