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World Young Readers Day | Nature Books

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In celebration of World Young Readers Day last week, we've listed a few of our favourite books - with a little help from our Rascal Friend @mamapapabubba on Instagram! The theme? Nature and all the wonderful things it can do!

We hope you enjoy these exciting story suggestions that you can share with your rascal!


Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World
Written by Julia Rothman

Julia Rothman is incredibly talented combining art and science with beautfiul illustrations. The book takes you through some amazing part of the natural world using education and creativity. There's no doubt that your rascals will love the fun illustrations and all the excited new things the nature world has to offer.

Available on Amazon.



The Wonders of Nature 
Written by Ben Hoare

This book is beautiful inside and out! The outside look instantly makes bedtime more like an adventure with its beautiful gilded edges, decorative gold foil element and embossed cove.

Inside each page is dedicated to something amazing found in nature. With references to animals, plants, rocks, minerals and even microorganisms, your rascals will fall in love the the amazing illustrations and photography.

Available at Indigo.

Tap the Magic Tree
Written by Christie Matheson

Now who wouldn't love a magic book?!

Christie Matheson has made story time a little more magic with her interactive book. Combining a playful spirit and a sense of wonder about nature, Christie Matheson has created a new modern classic that is a must for every rascal!

Here's her Book Trailer so you can see for yourself!


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